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A huge thank you to everyone who has supported us so far with your generous sponsorship. 



The company was formed in 2004 to satisfy the industry needs for a specialist company to provide a quality fit-for-purpose engineering service at reasonable cost. Since formation, the company has built up an impressive list of clients with who repeat business has continued.
As an independent company, we can offer impartial advice on all aspects of your facility and process requirements and recommend equipment from a wide range of manufacturers. We have assembled a team of specialist staff with many years experience within all engineering disciplines.
As a provider of sound Engineering services to clients throughout the U.K we are capable of working to meet specific standards applicable anywhere in the world.
Whether your requirements are ‘Process’ or ‘Utility’ based, we will work with you to provide solutions to all your Engineering problems.We can also deliver complete ‘turnkey’ project control from conception to completion through our team of CDM trained project managers and supervisors.
​ The experience and dedication of our team of professionals has contributed to the growth, development and technical expertise of the company. TSG operate a Turnkey Project Management Facility for all the services we provide.


All Championships, Ring’s, Supreme & Title packages have now been taken however a number of classes still available to sponsor:


  • Available


  • Not Available


  • Not Available


  • Not Available


  • Not Available
  • In Hand Best Condition
  • Young Handler
  • In Hand Foreign Breeds
  • In Hand Show Pony/Riding Pony
  • In Hand Ex Racehorse
  • In Hand Coloured – CHAPS UK Qual
  • In Hand Veteran – SSADL Qual
  • In Hand Sports Horse/Hunter
  • In Hand Open Horse/Pony
  • Ridden Veteran – SSADL 1st Round Qual
  • Novice Pony
  • Show/Riding Pony
  • Show Hunter Pony
  • Intermediate Hunter/Riding Type
  • Lead Rein Open – Excl M&M
  • Lead Rein M&M
  • Open First Ridden
  • M&M Small Breeds (Excl Welsh)
  • Ridden Coloured Pony – CHAPS UK Qual
  • Ridden Coloured Horse – CHAPS UK Qual
  • Local Show Horse
  • Restricted Show Horse
  • Open Show Horse
  • SSA – Open Equitation Class
  • SSA – Classical Ladies Class
  • SSA – Concours D’elegance
  • SSA – Best Ridden Horse/Pony
  • Novice Cob
  • Novice Riding Horse
  • Novice Hack
  • Novice Open
  • RIHS – LWT Hunter
  • RIHS – MWT Hunter
  • RIHS – HWT Hunter
  • RIHS – SMALL Hunter
  • RIHS – LADIES Hunter
  • RIHS – Small Hack
  • RIHS – Large Hack
  • RIHS – Maxi Cob
  • Amateur Owner/Rider – Hack
  • Amateur Owner/Rider – Riding Horse
  • Amateur Owner/Rider – Cob to incl Maxi

Interested in becoming a sponsor?

There are still a few opportunities left to sponsor our 2018 spring show.


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